Weekend Guide: Feb. 12

By Northern Star staff

Unlike NSValentines.info, the world doesn’t revolve around Valentine’s Day. Here are some weekend events that have nothing to do with pink or heart-shaped treats:


The University Honors Program is hosting an open mic night where students will perform poems, short stories and scenes.

The program is offering prizes to those who participate and attend 6 p.m. in the Holmes Student Center, College Grind. You can totally bring that anti-Valentine’s day poem you wrote during class.


For $50, you can join Outdoor Adventures for a snowboarding day trip on Chestnut Mountain. The fee includes transportation, snowboard equipment, hot cocoa and a lift ticket. We wish you the best of luck on this trip because, well, it’s Friday the 13th.

Go to NIU.edu/Campus_Rec for more information and tickets.


OK, this event is way too cool to pass up. Chris May of Proton Tattoo will share his techniques and practices over drinks 8 p.m. at The House Cafe, 263 E. Lincoln Highway.

Grab a beer or latte and learn about tattoo artistry from May and his associates at this free event. Before you know it, Valentine’s Day will finally be over.