Ask an Athlete: NIU men’s basketball

By Steve Shonder

Senior forward Kevin Gray

Major: General studies

Favorite Basketball Player: Kevin Durant

Plans for Valentine’s Day: I’m probably just going to stay at the crib and watch some movies with a girl.

Redshirt center Jordan Threloff

Major: General studies

Favorite Basketball Player: Michael Jordan

Plans for Valentine’s Day: We’re going to be on the road, so I don’t [think] I’ll be able to see my girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. She’s probably a little mad at me about that, but she understands that basketball comes first.

Senior guard Aaron Armstead

Major: Communications, with an emphasis in media studies

Favorite Basketball Player: LeBron James

Plans for Valentine’s Day: To win against Western Michigan

Redshirt sophomore guard Michael Orris

Major: Communication

Favorite Basketball Player: Jason Williams

Plans for Valentine’s Day: I don’t really have any plans because we have a game. My girlfriend’s not too happy about that, but I’m just going to relax and hopefully get that win.