Dance teams compete in Liberated Minds competition

By Alexis Malapitan

Three dance teams will FaceOff for a grand prize of $500 in Liberated Minds’ sold-out annual dance competition Saturday.

FaceOff is a friendly competition between two or more hip-hop dance teams to “see who runs the campus’ dance world,” said Hakeem Davis, president of the all-male hip-hop dance team Supremacy.

Teams Envy Dance Troupe, Vanity and Supremacy will participate in the competition.

“I’m very excited for viewers to see what the three dance teams are about,” Davis said. “I’m most looking forward to seeing what the other dance teams are going to bring and I’m sure the viewers will enjoy it too because we always put on a great show.”

The event is held to showcase the teams’ talent and capabilities on stage during two rounds, said Latoya Jackson, senior industrial management technology major and president of all-female dance team Vanity. The first round is titled “Wet The Stage” and is a slow dance round. The second round, titled “Freestyle,” allows each team to bring its style of dance and showcase it, she said.

“… It gets really competitive because the dance teams at NIU are the best in state, so there’s so much talent in the show,” Jackson said.

Supremacy beat Envy in last year’s FaceOff competition and won a $500 prize. This year, the grand prize is $500 and the second place prize is $250.

Envy Dance Troupe is the only co-ed dance team competing and won the FaceOff competition in 2010. Malcolm Toure, Envy Dance Troupe president, said Envy will be dance to a variety of genres so “everyone will be satisfied.”

“We’ll show viewers why we’re the longest-standing team on campus,” Toure said.