Hunks preview competition set

By Alexis Malapitan

Huskie Hunks will host a send-off show today before they compete in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella Midwest Quarterfinal Saturday.

The all-male a cappella group will compete against nine groups 7 p.m. Saturday at the University of Chicago. Students can see a preview of what the group will perform 9:30 p.m. today in Anderson Hall, Room 130.

Trent Snyder, senior music business major and Huskie Hunks co-founder, said his favorite thing about this competition is meeting and learning about other a cappella groups in the area.

“It’s interesting to learn how the other groups function and the different tastes they have in music and performing,” Snyder said.

“One of my favorite memories was when after we performed and the judges were debating, we got to hang out with all the groups backstage. It was fascinating to hear about the other groups and to learn that they were not all that different from us.”

The set Huskie Hunks will perform Saturday is called For the Ladies, and it includes songs the group chose collectively, Snyder said.

“Everyone brings in at least three or more ideas on how the set should go or how certain songs should fit in, then we all vote,” Snyder said.

Senior communication major Adam McNeil said he wants the a capella group’s performance to be the best run it’s had.

“If we can do that, then regardless if we move on to the semi-finals, then I’ll be happy,” he said.

Snyder, who started the group in 2011, said this is the second year Huskie Hunks will participate in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella Competition.

During competitions, the men do not invite anyone on stage, but they do connect with the audience through their stage performance and song choice.

“We interact with our audience by doing our best to evoke a response from them,” Snyder said. “Anything from laughs to cries. We mostly get laughs, and we always try to have a fun time.”

Bobby Truong, junior corporate communication major, said he “[looks] forward to giving people a show they won’t forget.”

“I also look forward to showing people the end product of our hard work,” Truong said.

Snyder said the group’s first mission is to sound great, but they incorporate dancing and acting into their performances.

“Viewers can expect to see about twelve dudes dancing around and singing in an attempt to spread joy through the power of song,” Snyder said.