The Huskie Hunks bring a capella to NIU

By Juliana Leprich

In the first few weeks of class, it’s not unusual for students to see signs and sidewalk messages on campus, advertising student groups.

One sign that may have popped out to passing students was one for an emerging, all-male a cappella group: The Huskie Hunks.

Freshmen music majors Trent Snyder and Will Kirby decided to create the group after being involved in a high school a cappella group, they said. Auditions for the group were held Aug. 31.

“We’ve both had a bunch of experience with music,” Kirby said. “I have had nine years of band, four years of jazz band and eight years in choir.”

Kirby said he was also in AP Music Theory and a drum major in high school band.

“I like performing music,” Kirby said. “I also thought this would be a fun thing to do in college.”

When Kirby and Snyder came to NIU, they knew that no male a cappella group existed. However, they said this did not deter them.

“There wasn’t an a cappella group at NIU already, so [we] decided to start one,” Snyder said.

The group has eight members and plans to cover a variety of musical genres.

“Once the group gets going, my hope is to sing publicly every two weeks,” Snyder said.

The Hunks hope to have an end of the year show to present the group’s repertoire, Snyder said.