Manspreading hits Huskie Bus Line

By Kristin Maglabe

“Manspreading” and improper commuter etiquette has not gone unnoticed by some Huskie Bus riders.

Manspreading refers to when people spread their legs and put their belongings on vacant bus seats. This results in a lack of seats on crowded buses.

Though manspreading has become an issue in Chicago, according to a Dec. 31 Chicago Tribune article, NIU’s bus services have not dealt with serious cases of this problem, according to Brett Williams, Student Association director of Mass Transit.

Williams said he has never heard of manspreading, but he has seen people place their bags on the seats next to them.

“We expect people to be respectful and courteous, and we expect the drivers to be just as respectful and courteous …,” Williams said.

Williams said the issue has never bothered him, and he has never received complaints about it.

“Just be a good rider,” Williams said. “Don’t be an annoyance or a hinderance to those around you.”

Freshman marketing major Chrystal McAlpin said she often uses the NIU buses to get around campus and recognizes manspreading as an issue. She said she does not appreciate it because of how much room is taken up by people’s belongings.

“You should be considerate of others who are trying to sit down; however, I had a hot dog wrapper and my wallet on the seat next to me [Friday], so I really can’t judge, but I think it’s something people should be more considerate about,” McAlpin said.

Meng Yuan, a graduate political science student who takes the route 7 bus, said she has never seen manspreading at NIU and riders are respectful in general.