Freezing rain headed out of DeKalb by end of week

By Keith Hernandez

Freezing rain and the overcast from which it arrived will clear up by the end of the week.

DeKalb is experiencing the last remnants of a weak 10-mile wide storm system, said NIU meteorologist Gilbert Sebenste. The end-of-the week break from the rain may even bring sunshine Thursday and Friday, but there is no guarantee, Sebenste said.

“All of this is good, of course, for those who hate winter,” Sebenste said. “For those who like to ski and do other outdoor activities, it’s making people unhappy.”

There is a significant chance for snow Sunday, but it is no indication of the rest of winter, as what is usually the coldest part of winter has passed, Sebenste said.

“For those of you who are thinking of spring, hang in there,” Sebenste said.

Students like sophomore English major Sara Karikomi are glad to be near the end of slippery conditions.

“One of my friends did fall on the sidewalk around here and it’s really icy and you can’t really see it all the time, so it just kind of sneaks up on you,” Karikomi said.

Scott Johnson, freshman pre-nursing major, said he has his mind set on lighter clothes and warmer weather.

“It’s a bigger pain, I guess, because normally you walk out in the summer and you can just walk out in your shorts and cruise,” Johnson said. “Now, you got a hat, scarf, boots … and if walking to class wasn’t already a big enough pain, you’ve got to modify your route because not everything’s plowed or salted.”