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Sebenste: Incoming snow storm to mostly miss DeKalb

By Northern Star staff | February 24, 2016

DeKalb will receive an inch of snow from the storm today, said NIU Meteorologist Gilbert Sebenste. The snow storm is caused by an intense low pressure system in southeast Texas that is moving up toward Ohio, Sebenste said.  Chicago will be hit with...

NIU Meterologist predicts short break from winter temps

By Northern Star staff | February 16, 2016

This week is going to warm up, but not as much as expected, said NIU Meteorologist Gilbert Sebenste.This past Sunday saw 3.8 inches of snowfall, providing a layer of snow that prevents the air from warming up as quickly. Predictions before the snow showed...

The NIU campus is covered by snow Sunday. DeKalb County recorded 7.5 inches of snow on Nov. 20 and Saturday, according to the National Weather Service. A slight chance of rain and snow is expected for Friday.

DeKalb to see light snowfall

By Northern Star staff | December 1, 2015

DeKalb can expect light snowfall Tuesday evening from a winter storm out of North Dakota.Snowfall will arrive along with a drop in temperature to 29 degrees and may continue until noon Wednesday, according to the National Weather Service. Accumulation...

NIU meteorologist: DeKalb to see record snowfall over weekend

By Leah Nicolini | November 20, 2015

DeKalb could see record-breaking snowfall tonight and winter weather throughout the weekend.The earliest heavy snowfall in DeKalb County’s recorded history could reach 7 to 11 inches Friday, said NIU meteorologist Gilbert Sebenste. Light rain and snow...

FEMA: Severe weather expected for Wednesday

By Ashley Morse | November 10, 2015

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has issued a warning for severe weather for Wednesday.The predicted weather for Wednesday is heavy rains, strong winds and possible tornadoes, according to a FEMA news release. NIU meteorologist Gilbert Sebenste...

March snowfall reaches monthly average of 4.2 inches

By Northern Star staff | March 23, 2015

Accumulating snowfall that produced 3.2 inches of snow in DeKalb stopped at 11 a.m. Monday.The late March snow, which began to blanket the Midwest shortly after 1 a.m., will most likely melt by Wednesday, said NIU meteorologist Gilbert Sebenste. March...

Subzero temperatures expected to take two-day break

By Northern Star staff | February 19, 2015

An arctic blast that dropped Wednesday’s low to -12 degrees will dissipate Friday, but the break from subzero temperatures will be short lived.A warm front is expected to arrive Friday in DeKalb, raising the low to above 15 degrees. It will continue...

NIU Weather to conduct Weather Training Seminar

By Northern Star staff | February 10, 2015

NIU Weather will conduct a weather spotter training seminar Feb. 19.The seminar will teach people of all ages what to look out for and how to report these signs to the National Weather Service, according an NIU Weather Facebook post. “We will teach...

Weekend blizzard to clear up, but more storms expected

By Northern Star staff | February 2, 2015

A weekend blizzard that produced more than a foot of snow will clear today, though more storms are expected to hit DeKalb throughout the week.The storm produced nearly twice February’s average snowfall of 7.3 inches and will drop the temperature to...

Freezing rain headed out of DeKalb by end of week

By Keith Hernandez | January 21, 2015

Freezing rain and the overcast from which it arrived will clear up by the end of the week.DeKalb is experiencing the last remnants of a weak 10-mile wide storm system, said NIU meteorologist Gilbert Sebenste. The end-of-the week break from the rain may...

Thanksgiving break weather, travel

By Northern Star Staff | November 25, 2014

WeatherThe temperature will remain below freezing today as students leave for Thanksgiving break.NIU meteorologist Gilbert Sebenste said Monday’s snow storm, which produced about 1 inch of snow, may combine with strong winds and a high of 29 degrees...

Students bear cold winds Tuesday on Normal Road in front of the Holmes Student Center. Climatology professor Dave Changnon said temperatures will begin to rise to above freezing Monday.

Weather to warm up next week

By Jessica Christofersen | November 18, 2014

A chill that took over northern Illinois early last week will be gone by Thanksgiving.An air mass that arrived in DeKalb Nov. 11, dropping the temperature from 60 to 35 degrees in three hours, will continue to produce a daily high of 20 degrees throughout...