Pass/Fail: Roads around Greek Row get brighter; SA gives out too much money for food

By Mohammed Taha Faridi

Pass: Roads around Greek Row get brighter

Greek Row is not well-lit, but that’s going to change soon.

ComEd plans to install additional street lamps in the Greek Row area later this month, which will make it safer for students to walk home at night.

The streets around Greek Row — Hillcrest, Kimberly and Edgebrook drives — appear gloomy and have an unsafe atmosphere. On Hillcrest Road, I find it difficult to see obstacles, including people walking around.

Installing additional street lamps in and around Greek Row will make traveling through the area safer.

Fail: SA gives out too much money for food

The Student Association gives organizations too much money to spend on events with food.

SA President Joe Frascello said “the SA has allocated $12,000 to student groups, and most of that has gone toward food costs for events,” according Thursday’s Northern Star article.

If the SA wants to save money, it needs to make cuts. The SA should reduce the amount of money it gives to student groups for food and spend that money elsewhere.

Student organizations should fundraise for their food costs. Then, the SA can allocate money where it’s needed more.