DeKalb’s midterm turnout falls


Senior biology major Tymeka Branch collects her ballot from election judge Toney Xidis Tuesday at the Barsema Alumni and Visitors Center.

By Brennan Schneider

DeKalb County saw a slight decrease in voter turnout for midterms, moving from 51 percent turnout in 2010 to 49 percent for Election Day Tuesday.

In the 2010 midterms, 57,102 people were registered to vote and only 29,197 voted. This election, 58,482 people were registered to vote and 28,389 voted. County Clerk Doug Johnson, who retained his spot in the elections, said he plans on encouraging people to register earlier.

“On Election Day we had a line and I want to reduce the waiting process, but I also want people to know that they can take care of their registration for voting before the election,” Johnson said.