Bruce Rauner takes Illinois governor seat in midterm elections: AP


By Northern Star Staff

Winnetka businessman Bruce Rauner has taken Gov. Pat Quinn’s seat in the midterm elections, according to projections.

The race — one of the closest and most expensive in the country — pitted Rauner against Quinn, who has served as governor since 2009 and who has yet to concede. More than 16,000 DeKalbians — or about 57 percent — who voted in the governor’s race voted for Rauner. Quinn got about 38 percent of the DeKalb County vote with almost 11,000 votes.

Rauner promoted his lack of political experience, with his website saying he “isn’t interested in a political career,” and promised to make jobs and overhaul the state’s tax code. He collected endorsements from the Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times.

Quinn focused his campaign on efforts to raise the minimum wage and fund education, among other goals.

The two clashed in debates, with Quinn supporters portraying Rauner as an out-of-touch billionaire and Rauner supporters accusing the government under Quinn of corruption. Quinn said Rauner was a “champion name caller” and Rauner called Quinn a “failure” during their final debate Oct. 20, according to an Oct. 20 Chicago Tribune article.

Quinn and Rauner were expected to set a record by spending more than $100 million — or more than twice the previous record — on the race, according to an Oct. 30 Chicago Tribune article.