Voter turnout falls in DeKalb, Johnson walks away clerk

By Brennan Schneider

Douglas Johnson was the winner of the 2014 country clerk midterm elections.

Johnson received 16013, or 58.4 percent, votes to win. Johnson said he was pleased with the result despite lower turnout than DeKalb saw in the 2010 midterm.

“I was very pleased with the hard work that was put into the campaign and I was glad that DeKalb was pleased with our clean campaign we had,” Johnson said. “It was nice to see all of our hard work pay off in the long run.”

In the 2010 midterm election, 57,102 people were registered to vote and only 29,197, or 51 percent, people voted in DeKalb County. This election, 58,482 people were registered to vote and 28,389, or 49 percent, people voted. Johnson said he plans on encouraging people to vote and register earlier than Election Day in the future.

“On Election Day we had a line and I want to reduce the waiting process, but I also want people to know that they can take care of their registration for voting before the election,” Johnson said. “Our focus will be informing the voters that they can register before the election day. It will help with numbers so people are not running in last minute to get their vote in.”

Trent Taylor could not be reached for comment.