Senator suspended after liquor charge

By Northern Star Staff

Student Association Senator Yandi Farinango, who was charged with liquor consumption as a minor Friday, will be suspended from the SA Senate until Oct. 12.

SA Senate Speaker Dillon Domke consulted Kelli Bradley, SA legislative branch adviser, and spoke to Farinango before deciding on the suspension Wednesday, said Joe Palmer, SA Public Affairs director.

The 4th district senator is barred from attending any events as a representative of the SA until his suspension is complete, Palmer said.

“We think it’s important to investigate these things and we have a pretty zero tolerance for” breaking the law, Palmer said. “Dillon has made it perfectly clear to both the senator and the rest of the SA that these things won’t be taken lightly.”

The senator could not be reached for comment. This is Farinango’s first offense; he will be removed if he commits a similar infraction again, Palmer said.