Student Spotlight: Transfer wants to help students grasp math

By Lauren Cliffe

First-year transfer student Ashley Girod hopes to use her knowledge and experience to teach high school math.

Girod, a junior math major, is a member of the Secondary Educators’ Organization, an organization designed to help future educators build the skills that are necessary for teaching.

Northern Star: Where did you go to school before you transferred to NIU?

Ashley Girod: I went to Moraine Valley Community College. It’s in Palos Hills.

NS: Why do you want to be a math teacher?

AG: Because when I was in high school, math was one of the subjects I actually understood because of the way the teachers explained it to me. So, I want to do that for [other high school students].

NS: When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

AG: I think I wanted to be a professional photographer.

NS: What’s your favorite thing about NIU?

AG: Probably the games … I love going to sports events and watching them on TV.

NS: What’s something that’s on your bucket list to do before you die?

AG: I want to go to Australia … I was actually thinking about doing study abroad [there], maybe.

NS: Why Australia?

AG: Probably because of the wildlife, and seeing how [the animals] interact with the habitat.