Senate clerk to resign SA post

By Lauren Cliffe

Dillon Domke, Student Association Senate speaker, announced Senate Clerk Ryan Burke will step down from his position due to a heavy course load Sunday.

Domke briefly discussed the Senate committees that have been created. Domke said he intended to bring a speaker in at a later date to discuss NIU President Doug Baker’s “triangle offense” plan where faculty, students and the world are the three points on the triangle, with the center of the triangle as support staff. The plan intends to direct all parts of the university toward student career success.

Cabinet reports

Greek Affairs Director Lindy Luchowski introduced information on a new all-Greek calendar that would allow Greek organizations to collaborate more conveniently and add their events to one calendar.

Luchowski said she hopes this effort, along with a retreat that was held for executive board members of Greek organizations, will improve Greek unity across campus.

Director of Advertising James Forman said the Huskie Bus advertising campaigns regarding safe practices for Homecoming week is ongoing.

Student Affairs Director Alex Martin spoke about his involvement with the NIU Progressive Learning in Undergraduate Studies task force, a program aiming to reform general education requirements for students. An open forum for students and faculty to learn more about the NIU PLUS task force will be held 9-10:30 a.m. today in the Holmes Student Center, Illinois Room.

New business

Greg Lezon was voted into the position of sergeant of Arms by the Senate, and Kayla Sorensen was voted into the position of legislative director.

Brandon Phillips and Mitchell Bateman were also voted and sworn in to senator-at-large positions.