Baker’s answers don’t fly

By Sharon May

I read with amusement Jackie Nevarez’s Sept. 10 Northern Star article citing President Doug Baker’s characterization of my Aug. 4 letter to the editor to the Daily Chronicle as “a lot of misinformation.”

The raises and salaries of these administrators were calculated from the semi-monthly payments on the payroll reports as supplied by NIU in response to Freedom of Information Act requests. These documents were submitted to and accepted by the Daily Chronicle as proof of my numbers. Misinformation?

Or could President Baker possibly be implying my base information (supplied by the university) was incorrect?

President Baker has justified (repeatedly) his reasoning behind granting of a 30 percent raise to Ron Walters by stating that Mr. Walters has increased the number of hours worked for NIU. This reason was not disputed since this is also what I wrote in my letter to the editor. I quoted the Personnel Action Forms. Misinformation?

On a side note, though, on his Personnel Action Forms, Mr. Walters has been shown as a steady 10 percent full-time equivalent.

Shouldn’t this percentage have changed given his increased hours and salary? Or does the 10 percent full-time equivalent designate something else?

Could it mean Mr. Walters is, in fact, a consultant? That could explain NIU’s reimbursement of Mr. Walter’s commuting costs from his home on Lopez Island, Wash. ($31,972.62 during the year ending June 6); state regulations do not allow reimbursement of commuting costs for “regular” employees.

To be continued.