University: Advertise the Huskie Pups now

The Student Association and NIU need to create a more effective advertising plan for the recently unveiled Huskie Pup, an 11-passenger shuttle.

Following last week’s debut of the about $40,000 Huskie Pup, signs were placed in Huskie Line buses No. 1 through No. 5 to make students aware of the shuttle, but there has been no mention of the shuttle on the SA’s Facebook or Twitter pages.

Brett Williams, SA director of Mass Transit, said he is relying on advertising through word of mouth from students who see the vehicle as it drives along its sidewalk route from the Recreation Center to the Martin Luther King Jr. Commons.

The university has placed small white signs throughout campus, marking the shuttle’s route, but they are unnoticeable.

Bill Nicklas, vice president of Operations and Community Relations, said the university will look into larger signs and Williams said SA will look into more social media coverage, but it will do so after students have had enough time to provide feedback on the shuttles.

All students, especially those with tight schedules or disabilities that prevent them from easily getting across campus, can benefit from the shuttle. But, first they need to know it’s there.