Letter to the Editor: Drink name not fit for print

By Rebekah Kohli

I am writing to express my disappointment and disgust over the name of a drink recipe the Northern Star chose to publish in its recent Homecoming issue.

Publishing the “Horny Girl Scout” drink recipe was both in poor taste and antithetical to NIU’s values and mission.

One of the main problems with the recipe name is it sexualizes young girls, which was made abundantly clear when the Girl Scout float rode by me during the Homecoming parade on Friday. On the float was a group of very young girls dressed in their Girl Scout uniforms, smiling and waving, with a Northern Illinois Girl Scouts sign on the side of the vehicle.

I immediately remembered the name of the drink recipe, which was undoubtedly true for others who read the Homecoming issue of the Northern Star. I am sure that girls, who were obviously happy to be there celebrating NIU and our community, would not appreciate people thinking of them as sexual objects, and neither would their parents!

Another problem with the name is that it links alcohol and sex, in this case with young girls. I am not a teetotaler, and I recognize many NIU students are of legal drinking age and enjoy trying new drink recipes. However, sexual assault and alcohol are often linked. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and National Institute on Justice, approximately half of all sexual assaults involve the use of alcohol by the perpetrator and/or the victim.

Additionally, according to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, sexual assault victims are 13 times more likely to abuse alcohol. In light of such statistics, as well as NIU’s commitment to prevent sexual assault, I believe the Northern Star should be encouraging people to drink responsibly and educating them on the links between alcohol and sexual assault, not publishing recipe names that link alcohol and sex (with young girls).

Finally, I believe publishing the name of that particular drink recipe goes against NIU’s values. On the webpage that lists NIU’s Mission and Vision, the first pillar listed states that “the university values a community of diverse people, ideas, services and scholarly endeavors in a climate of respect for the intrinsic dignity of each individual.” Publishing a drink recipe with that name certainly does not promote this sort of climate of respect. You can do better!