Even pets can indulge at Farmers’ Market


Windy Acres Farm stand sells vegetables at the DeKalb Farmers’ Market. Students and locals can stop by the market 10 a.m.-2 p.m. every Thursday in September at the corner of North Second and Locust streets.

By Claire Buchanan

The DeKalb Farmers’ Market has something for all food lovers — even your dog.

The DeKalb Farmers’ Market is 10 a.m.-2 p.m. every Thursday this month at the corner North Second and Locust streets. Here are some of the stands I enjoyed while at the market:

South Street Coffee

South Street Coffee features tasty, roasted java.

“Our coffees are roasted here in DeKalb,” said Gene Powers, South Street Coffee founder. “The Guatemala [Finca Ceylan] has been grown using sustainable agriculture.”

The Guatemalan roast is somewhat dark. It tastes good for someone who prefers strong, but not bitter coffees. The Mexican Chiapas roast was a smoother drink for someone who likes to add cream and sugar to their coffee. It would be a shame to waste the delicious darkness of the Guatemalan by drinking it any other way than black. Additions wouldn’t help the already rich taste.

Waterman Winery and Vineyards

The Waterman Winery and Vineyards stand featured red and white wines. Being unfortunately well-versed in the finest of cheap wines available at local supermarkets, I was prepared to fake a smile and walk away after taking a few sips. But, some of the sweeter wines were actually quite enjoyable for those of us who are not exactly wine snobs.

The Wine Dog White, a sweeter white wine, was delicious.

Baked Freshly

The Baked Freshly stand provides desserts, including a delicious cherry pie, and bread.

“The dark chocolate caramel sea salt cookies are very popular with my customers here at the Farmers’ Market,” said Baked Freshly owner Phil Johnson. “They just have a wonderful taste sensation that the ladies really seem to love.”

Bakers never seem to add enough salt to salted caramel for my tastes, but Johnson’s pies, specifically his cherry pie, had just enough of everything. The cherries were tart and sweet and had a light crust.

Ledfoots Pet Bakery

My last stop at the market was Ledfoots Pet Bakery, which provides tasty treats for animals.

“My most popular product is the Savory Sweet Potato with ginger-flavor dog treats,” said Ledfoots general manager Susan Wetzel. “The ginger we put in the sweet potato treats can help to calm down dogs who have anxiety and helps dogs with car sickness.”