SA Senate campaigning begins

By Lauren Cliffe

Campaigning has begun for the Student Association Senate elections Sept. 23 and 24.

SA Senate acts on behalf of students and is responsible for managing and allocating funds for student organizations. Senators are also in charge of reviewing the actions of the SA’s executive branch. Senate will hold its first session on Sept. 28 and will meet at 6 p.m. Sundays in the Holmes Student Center’s Sky Room.

SA Senate Speaker Dillon Domke said it is important students utilize the campaigning to obtain information about the candidates’ beliefs, and he said students should take their own steps to pursue candidate information.

“There’s no central channel we put it through, unfortunately,” Domke said. “It’s really all on the individual [student] to seek out” information.

Sophomore history major Alejandro Osegueda said it is the responsibility of the prospective senators to inform students about election issues and their campaigns. He encourages candidates to do so by visiting highly populated areas of campus, like the dining halls.

Freshman English major Claire Borbath said candidates should campaign in lecture halls and put posters up in bathrooms and other “places people wait around at.” Borbath said she will vote for “someone who’s honest and sincere and trustworthy.”

When deciding who to vote for, Domke warns voters that some candidates may only be in the race to build their resume. He said these people “sit there and take up a seat from somebody who might be able to make the next big change at Northern.”

“I want someone that’s hardworking, that’s going to put the Student Association and the students of Northern Illinois first, before almost anything,” Domke said.

There are 40 senator positions divided across five districts, but the positions are rarely completely filled through elections. Slots left empty are filled by senators at large throughout the year. Senator at large candidates must receive 50 signatures from constituents and file a petition with the Senate to be considered for appointment.

Results are expected to be announced on the evening of Sept. 24 or early Sept. 25, said Domke.


District 1

  • DeAnna Leigh
  • Jordan Clayton-Taylor
  • Cody Sheriff
  • Alexus Lentz

District 2

  • Kayla Sorensen
  • Miracle Diala
  • Leon Kincaid
  • Stephanie Norman
  • Rachel Jacob
  • Margaret Miller
  • Eugene Hampton
  • Joseph Gehant
  • Alexander Koss
  • Jake Burnside
  • Alexander Summers
  • Adolfo Sto Domingo
  • Timothy Brandner

District 3

  • Demone Williams
  • Kate Schauer
  • Sharonda Roberson
  • David White
  • Rachel Gorsuch
  • Shahrazad Sheikhali
  • Luke Brimeyer
  • Aaron Vazquez

District 4

  • Mikela Manning
  • Troy Cappi
  • Carl Wahlstrom
  • Gregory Lezon
  • Dillon Domke
  • Robert Jusino
  • Kubrat Vrachanski
  • Ashley Palmer
  • Scott Chan
  • Devin Joseph
  • Alejandro Perez
  • Tondi Bailey
  • Yandi Farinango
  • Miki Grace
  • Michael Agro
  • Brian Troutman

District 5

  • Afreen Warsi