Corn Fest features weekend fun for all

By Damesiha Vance

Corn Fest continued to show students and locals the good DeKalb has to offer through music, rides and delicious food over the weekend.

Funky notes, dancing feet

Big Daddy Woo Woo from Rockford played some upbeat, funky tracks that had the crowd dancing.

The energetic group covered songs ranging from Mary J. Blige’s “Be Without You” to the old-school Kool & The Gang’s “Get Down on It.” It was interesting when the group played current music, but some older listeners seemed to space out a little and vice versa.

Roller derby, Mexican dancing

From vendors to roller coasters, there was so much to see from First to Fourth streets, but what caught my eye was the roller derby demo.

The Barbed Wire Betties roller derby skating demo blew my mind because it’s such a hands-on sport and a great exercise.

Another unique performance was the Salamandra Mexican Traditional Dance. I enjoyed how the performers were able to bring their heritage to the festival and captivate audience members. The members included a variety of ages, roughly 10-50.

Family-oriented, tasty food

I’m cautious a lot of times when going to NIU or DeKalb events because I am a parent and tend to miss out on the events. I expected to see a lot of college students, but seeing so many families put me at ease.

After enjoying the rides, I checked out the food options and found waffle cones, tacos and chicken all at reasonable prices.

I had an entertaining experience but was broke by the end. The prices were fair if it’s just you attending the festival, but if you have multiple children it’s a pricey ordeal. Despite the price, Corn Fest gave the community an opportunity to come together.