Cops: DeKalb woman drove car into Smoker’s World, was allegedly intoxicated

By Keith Hernandez

A DeKalb woman drove a Honda Accord into Smoker’s World early Friday, police say.

Sgt. Jim Haacker said Patricia Racine, 52, of DeKalb, was intoxicated when she drove the car into the shop, 818 Lincoln Highway, at about 10:12 a.m.

Racine attempted to flee the scene in the vehicle, Haacker said.

Haacker followed Racine’s car from Lincoln Highway and said she did not stop when he attempted to pull her over until the cars got to the 100 block of Roosevelt Street, though he said Racine was not speeding. Police apprehended Racine, who Haacker said had a suspended license for DUI.

Racine faces charges for fleeing the scene of destruction of property, DUI felony, having an open alcohol container in the car and driving with a suspended license, Haacker said.

The store’s front windows were smashed and no injuries have been reported. Luke Butler, a contractor working at the site, said there was an estimated $20,000 in damage to the store. The store is still open despite repairs.