Keep fashion simple, classy for presentations

By Sabreena Saleem

Instead of wasting time searching for a business suit, use these fashion tips so your teachers and classmates know you mean business.


Don’t: Wear uncomfortable high heels or shoes. High heels look nice, but it usually shows when you’re not comfortable walking or standing in them.

Do: Dress for comfort. There are plenty of dressy flat options including loafers, ballet flats and boots. If you do prefer a little boost, try a wedge or platform shoe. They offer more support, are easier to walk in and will ease the transition to your next class.

I love spicing up classic skinny trousers or dark, more dressy denim with a cardigan or blazer and low-heeled, detailed ankle boots for comfort and style.

Don’t: Overdo your hair or pair bold eye makeup with bright or dark lipstick. Presentations often require visuals, and it’s important your audience is paying attention to them, as well as you as a speaker.

Do: Choose a feature to accentuate. A fresh face with soft neutrals is appropriate and professional, but you can still have fun with your makeup. If you’re feeling edgy, try a classic red or berry lip or play up your eyes with light shimmery shadow and smoky liner, but don’t do both.

Eye contact is key during presentations and speeches, so choose a hairstyle that keeps your hair out of your eyes and doesn’t distract you or your audience.


Don’t: Clash too many colors. It can be tempting to play with colorful ties or multi-toned dress shirts, but it can sometimes come off as overwhelming or unprofessional.

Do: Mix textures and patterns. You can still have fun with ties, blazers, pants and dress shirts by sticking to a duo-tone outfit. Fall is perfect for blending corduroy, denim, stripes and other prints, especially when you work with cool blues and grays. This way, your outfit will look classy, professional and more put-together.

Don’t: Pair short-sleeve button-down shirts with ties. These casual tops have short sleeves for a reason and shouldn’t be confused with regular long-sleeve dress shirts.

Do: Combine classic blazers with casual sweaters and shirts. Mixing a denim or chambray button-down shirt or cashmere sweater with a classic blazer and trouser is a great way to freshen up an outfit. If you choose your tops wisely, you can definitely get away with jeans or even canvas sneakers and can avoid looking unprofessional.