Corn Fest offers fun for all, rain or shine

By Sabreena Saleem

Despite thunderstorms Friday, bands that performed at Corn Fest’s Sound Stage, the festival’s main stage, still managed to shine.

Sound Stage was accessible to everyone, whether attendees were inside the Beer Garden, near the food vendors on First Street or at the carnival behind Locust Street.

The Relics, a band of veteran musicians who cover American hits from the ’60s, kicked off the show. The five-piece band’s set included classic songs like The Box Tops’ “The Letter” and had the Beer Garden’s older crowd moving, socializing and reminiscing.

As The Relics’ set progressed, clouds started to roll in. That didn’t stop the second act, Audiodrive, from getting on stage and giving it their all until rain and lightning forced them to cut their set short.

“We got about 45 to 50 minutes in until we had to get off stage,” said Audiodrive drummer Colin Edmison.

Edmison said this isn’t the first time rain has affected their set at Corn Fest. The band remained positive about the festival and look forward to next year’s show.

“Last year, we got rained out and didn’t even make it onto the stage, so we’re hoping the third time’s a charm next year,” Edmison said. “We play a lot of festivals in Illinois, and Corn Fest is definitely at the top. They’re one of the few festivals that helped us get our equipment up and had food for us backstage. They definitely treated us well.”

People were able to take cover under the awnings along First Street’s restaurants, bars and shops until the rain stopped and the show was able to continue. The last band, Red Woody, was welcomed by a damp audience.

“Everyone came right back after the rain, and the band came on and did their set,” said security volunteer Brett Maxwell. “There were more people than ever.”

Despite getting completely soaked, I was able to enjoy live music all night. When the rain got bad, I took cover under the awnings on First Street along with at least 30 other people of all ages.

I was disappointed the show had come to an end until I realized that several bars, including The House Cafe and Hometown Sports Bar & Grill, had not only shelter but live music from The Babin Brothers, Jimmy Whispers, Hasta Lumbago and more for me to enjoy.

Musicians at Corn Fest proved yet again that a little rain never hurt anyone.