DJ Zebo fuses styles, decades

By Claire Buchanan

The Saturday Rosy’s Roadhouse crowd was sparse before DJ Zebo took the stage, but his vigorous music livened up the room.

Zebo, a Chicago-based deejay, entertained the crowd throughout the night with an energetic set at Rosy’s, 930 Pappas Drive.

Zebo mingled with attendees before the show and danced to his own music on stage, creating a connection with the crowd. Even people sitting at the back of the bar stopped talking to dance and sing along.

Zebo, who won this year’s Chicago Nightlife Awards for Best DJ, said he values having perspective in music.

“I find that there’s only two genres: good music and bad music,” Zebo said. “And it’s all perspective … so as a deejay, you have to put in your own perspective because otherwise deejays will all be carbon copies of each other … .

[The music] is something that’s always changing and moving and growing.”

Zebo’s versatility showed Saturday as the crowd danced to his mixes, which layered hip-hop, pop and dance hits. His tracks ranged from throwback hits like House of Pain’s “Jump Around” and new songs like Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty.”

Watching the amount of people dance and rock out to Zebo’s music, it seems many would trust him again as their tour guide through another musical journey.