In Focus: What projects do you want to see done before the fall?

By Northern Star Staff

Kevin Bartelt

The sexual assault prevention task force should have transparent goals by the start of the school year.

It’s great news that the school is taking a stand against sexual assault. Although the task force is new, the members should be open to the public about their plans and goals rather than being an organization difficult for students to find.

It would be great if all students knew about the sexual assault task force within the first week of class instead of searching for it after an incident occurs. As sexual assault is a growing problem across the country, NIU should heavily focus on this group.

Frank Gogola

Sexual assaults can and do occur at virtually every college across America.

With 11 reports of forcible sexual assaults at NIU in 2012 after only seven and six in 2010 and 2011, respectively, NIU’s newly launched sexual assault prevention task force is a great move by the university. The task force will search for new and better ways to prevent and handle violence against women.

As students begin to pour into DeKalb in just over a month for the beginning of the school year, the task force certainly has its hands full. It should have a plan ready by then so students feel more secure when they arrive for classes.

Jackie Nevarez

With the Huskie Bus project beginning to show on Normal Road, I am ready to see President Doug Baker’s Master Plan Thesis coming to fruition.

It’s great to see all of the changes around campus. The old decrepit buildings, although full of rich history and good times, have to be rebuilt for future generations to enjoy. I’m all for that change, but I’m also waiting for huge steps to be taken by the administration and student leadership involving hard issues.

So-called task forces are a start, but I’m waiting to experience the growth of those initiatives at the same rate as the trees and construction fences are occupying campus.

Rachel Scaman

NIU’s goal is to have Douglas Hall demolished, Lucinda Avenue extended and 2,018 trees planted by fall semester, according to a March 31 Northern Star article, and maybe host Food Truck Friday, if we’re lucky.

It would be nice to have some deadlines for the projects that will actually be worth spending time and money on such as fixing some of the buildings on campus, or improving the Huskie Bus System, which was mentioned in the article as one of the future plans.

Maybe it’s just me, but I would like to see different projects being completed besides the planting of 2,018 trees.