Why should you or shouldn’t you get an internship?

By Northern Star Staff

Kevin Bartelt

Students should definitely take advantage of summer internships.

NIU offers students many internships. Career Services has a great program called Huskies Get Hired! You can narrow down your search options to specific interests, location and available times.

Stop by Career Services, Campus Life Building, Room 220, and go over your resume with one of the employees. I had a great experience there because the workers helped me find internships with my interests and gave me great advice on how to make my resume look sharp. Before meeting with Career Services, do your own research.

Don’t show up without options.

Frank Gogola

Use down time in the summer to gain valuable experience and get your foot in the door by interning.

Throughout the school year professors teach students the basic skills necessary to succeed in a given field, whether it is journalism, mechanical engineering or business; however, a summer internship presents the opportunity to put those skills to the test and build upon them.

In today’s world, networking with others is key to landing a job and moving up in a line of work. Every college graduate has a degree, but interning with companies and building a network of colleagues in the field is invaluable.

Jackie Nevarez

NIU has plenty of ways to connect students to the future employers — including internships.

A simple “internships” search on the NIU website, niu.edu, will lead students to a set of links containing lists of internships for majors, minors and areas of study.

Huskies Get Hired, operated by Career Services, contains a search engine with more than 1,150 internships posted by employers, according to its website, niu.edu/CareerServices/huskiesgethired/.

Students may also attend the annual internship fair, which is filled with more than 100 employers, for a more personal connection with them.

Rachel Scaman

As graduation approaches, for some faster than others, the reality sets in that we all will one day be looking for a job.

College teaches us what we should know for the field we are going into; however, internships give us experience.

I’ve noticed internships are highly recommended at NIU. There are many programs offered to help students successfully find internships.

With “student career success” being one of President Doug Baker’s four pillars, the university has resources that provide students with options. Internships are one of the more productive options students have to achieve their goal.