Northern Nights: Going out vs. staying in to drink


By Pat Quinn

Shopping is a game that can only be won with cheats.

Here is the guidebook for purchasing alcohol at a bar or store.

At the bar

Turning 21 and having an outing at a bar is fun, but it gets to be expensive. First thing: Know the specials.

• Most bars near campus have some sort of dollar domestic bottles or draft night, which is normally on Mondays.

• Each bar has its deals, but come the weekend prices will go back or be discounted by only a fraction.

• Along with the beer special, a shot or a bomb is usually on the special list.

• Planning accordingly can help save money when going out to the bar. It is wise to only carry cash so you have a limit set before walking in.

• Even if a group of people is going out to the bar, it is always wise to pregame. It helps people loosen up before entering the scene and saves money.

At home

Buying alcohol from a store will save money in the long run, but students should be aware of deals and where their money is going when making a purchase.

There are enough places to acquire alcohol in DeKalb, but it’s up to students to know which is best for them.

• Before going to the store, have a good idea of what to buy. If there’s a good beer deal at the bar, investing in some liquor might be the ideal choice.

• Customers will generally spend more money at a liquor store than a grocery store. There are advantages and disadvantages to that. When going to a liquor store, students must keep in mind they are not only paying for convenience but also the organization and stock of the store.

• The variety won’t be as good going into a grocery store, but will most likely have better deals on generic choices of beer, liquor and wine.

• Students who happen to go home may be persuaded to pick up alcohol if the sales and liquor taxes are cheaper.

• One bottle of beer costs $3 at the bar when that case of a domestic beer can cost less than $20 before a sale.