Northern Nights: Hangover cures



Carl Nadig

If your drinking hasn’t reached “the point of no return,” simply drink water and rehydrate yourself as soon as possible. A good drinking habit to follow is to drink one cup of water per alcoholic beverage.

Josh Alfrey

The greatest of all hangover cures is found at the Junction Eating Place, 816 W. Lincoln Highway, when you slowly walk in wearing sweatpants and a hoodie at noon.

Order any of their skillets with a coffee and enjoy your endless refills as long as you can.

Pat Quinn

The key to getting rid of a hangover is hydration.

Drinking water is good, but what helps the most is a shower, hot or cold.

Your body will absorb water through your skin, hydrating the body in a different way. A shower also allows one to reflect on the night, plan for the day and relax. Even if the day involves TV, a bed and comfy clothes, a shower helps energize and cleanse the body. After that and a caffeinated drink, get ready to take on the day.

Nate Linhart

To be honest, the best hangover cure is water. Dehydration can be brutal and will amplify the affects of a hangover.

Diluting a hangover is as simple as drinking plenty of water.

Aymie Telinski

My favorite way to handle a hangover is to get a Coke from McDonald’s and a double cheeseburger and stay in bed all day watching reality TV.

Kevin Bartelt

I sort my holy cards, study for classes and clean my room. Then I wake up.

Lauren Iverson

When I can, I take a nap when I am hungover. Sleep is the best way for me to get rid of that nasty headache or stomachache. If I do not have the opportunity to sleep, ibuprofen and bread are what I do. Ibuprofen gets rid of my nasty headache and bread helps to soothe my stomach.