Northern Nights: Bartenders’ favorites

By Staff


Sabreena Saleem

Columnist H @BreeSaleem

Molly’s, 1000 W. Lincoln Highway, puts a colorful twist on the classic Mai Tai with white and dark rums, amaretto, triple sec, grenadine, sour, and orange juice for a drink that is both tart and sweet. Drink it as is or stir it up for a stronger yet refreshing taste.

“It’s a nice summertime drink that people should definitely enjoy,” said manager Paul Ramirez, who created this version of the drink.


Sabreena Saleem

Columnist H @BreeSaleem

At Fanatico, 1215 Blackhawk Road, the trick to making a perfect martini is using good vodka and “nice mixers” for a drink that is smooth and easy.

Its peach cosmo made of peach liqueur, peach vodka, triple sec and a splash of orange and cranberry juices. It’s sweet, refreshing and barely tastes like alcohol.

“You’re gonna drink that and say ‘mamma mia,’” said manager Simo Spaijoski.

Fatty’s Pub & Grill

Pat Quinn

Columnist H @PatQuinn64

Fatty’s Pub & Grill, 1312 W. Lincoln Highway, shows its Huskie pride with its signature drink, Huskie Punch.

It’s all about the rum with this drink. It contains Bacardi Razz, Bacardi O, Bacardi Limon, Malibu rum, orange juice and, most importantly, cranberry juice, giving it a red color to represent NIU.

“It’s a fruity drink that will show your NIU spirit,” said Kaitlyn Alexander, 25, of Sycamore.

When finished you’ll say “why is the rum always gone?”

Tapa La Luna

Claire Buchanan


Rob Deshazer, co-owner of Tapa La Luna, 226 E Lincoln Highway, said unique cocktails are a hallmark of the bar.

“We really embody mixology. We try to go above and beyond, give something that maybe no one’s had,” Deshazer said.

Among others, the Cool Hand Cuke is an original creation of his. For this popular drink, Deshazer combines cucumber, agave nectar and jalapeño-infused vodka.