Lynch provides boost for tennis

By Darwin Minnis

On an experienced Huskie team, Matt Lynch stands out in two ways.

First, he’s one of only two freshmen on the team.

Second, he’s the only player on the team from the United States.

Neither of these things have slowed Lynch down from becoming a vital part of the team.

“Fitting in was never a problem,” Lynch said. “I wanted to get to know all the guys one at a time. As the year went on we all became good friends.”

Coming from Cedarburg, Wis., Lynch played tennis at Marquette High School. Lynch didn’t only play well there — he never lost.

During his four years, the team went undefeated every season, winning four straight WIAA Division I State Championships. During his junior year, he was ranked fourth in the state and was named all-state twice. This experience helped make the transition to college easier.

“I was already familiar with team dynamics,” Lynch said. “But college is much more exciting and more intense. I’m really enjoying it compared to high school.”

Lynch has brought much of that success with him.

This season, Lynch has gone 19-7 overall. Playing in the No. 4, No. 5 and No. 6, he has done what has been needed of him for the team to succeed. In the 4 and 6 he is undefeated, going 3-0 and 7-0, respectively. In the No. 5, he has gone 8-3 on the season, and he is 7-4 in tournament. But as just about everybody on the team says, he isn’t too concerned with his individual statistics.

“It’s a great accomplishment,” Lynch said. “I’m playing better than I thought I would, but individual wins don’t matter much. I’m happy, but I’m much more happy at the team’s success than my own.”

Lynch’s success has undoubtedly helped with the team’s success. On the season, the Huskies have won 79 percent of their matches in the No. 4 to 6 positions. As one of the youngest players, higher spots will be open for him to take over as older teammates graduate. Lynch is ready to do whatever is needed of him for the team.

“I intend to play higher in the lineup as I get older,” Lynch said. “But what number doesn’t really matter. As long as the team keeps winning I’m happy.”