Just Sayin’: Sandwiches, ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ sequel and jeans

Writer Lauren Iverson does not think a sequel to the movie Mrs. Doubtfire is a good idea.

Writer Lauren Iverson does not think a sequel to the movie “Mrs. Doubtfire” is a good idea.

Claire Buchanan: Sandwiches

I know you ponder sandwich variety as much as I do. Well, you probably don’t, but I do, so here are some tasty suggestions.

There are more options than PB&J, like PBN&J, or peanut butter, Nutella and blueberries. But maybe you don’t have tastebuds and don’t like Nutella; if so, put Dijon mustard and onions on a BLT for an extra kick.

Ham and mango is a fruity alternative to a ham and cheese sandwich. Grilled cheese also gets a fruity update when you add sliced pears.

Steak sandwiches with honey mustard, dandelion greens and Brie cheese are great for dinner.

PB&J is the vanilla of sandwiches. Just sayin’.

Josh Alfrey: Games

Early Access in video games is one of the most ridiculous products people can buy online.

We are in a world where gamers sometimes pay up to $40 to play a game that isn’t complete. Why? Is it to be a part of a small club of early adopters? Maybe they just want to support the developer as early on in the process as possible.

People have become enamored with the idea of Early Access and are willingly throwing their money at an unfinished product.

If players are already giving money to developers for an unfinished game, what is motivating them to put out a finished product? Just sayin’.

Sabreena Saleem: Avoid lazy outfits

Whether you have a day of school, hanging out with friends or have some dreadful errands ahead of you, sometimes it’s easiest to throw on some sweats and justify your lack of style by calling it a lazy day.

But, putting on a pair of jeans or a nice top takes the same amount of time putting on sweatpants or a T-shirt does.

Wearing a nice outfit doesn’t take any more effort than a lazy day outfit does, and chances are, you’ll feel a lot better or confident that day.

It takes me five seconds to put on sweatpants. It takes me five seconds to put on jeans. Just sayin’.

Lauren Iverson: “Mrs. Doubtfire” sequel

Who thought it was a good idea to make a sequel to “Mrs. Doubtfire”? That fire died in 1993; let’s leave it there.

Most people remember the magic, the sentimental family storyline and the hilariousness of the movie. But by making a sequel to this movie, filmmakers run the risk of it falling into the same category as other sequels that were not needed.

When one of the stars from the first refuses to be involved with the sequel, that screams this movie is not worth it. Mara Wilson, who played youngest daughter Natalie Hillard, will not be in the sequel.

The story ended and it needs to stay that way. Just sayin’.

Aymie Telinski: Lindsay Lohan

Sunday night saw the drama-filled two-hour season finale of Lindsay Lohan’s docuseries.

People and media are quick to judge this young starlet with her struggles of addiction, but if they took a minute to watch the show they could see Lohan really trying to change herself.

If the drama of each episode isn’t enough to pull in viewers, Lohan’s fashion should. In every episode she is dressed to perfection with the latest trends.

Sure, Lindsay might have been a few hours late to some shoots she booked, but it takes a lot of time to make sure her weave, makeup and outfit are on point. Just sayin’.