Pass/Fail: Flash snowstorm gets its last laugh, Finals devilishly loom in distance

By Danny Cozzi

Pass: Flash snowstorm gets its last laugh

You all thought we had made it, didn’t you? So did I.

But, in a sick way, I enjoyed Monday’s sudden snowfall. While cursing under my breath at the storm, I laughed at my naivety in thinking Chicago weather would behave any less erratically than it always does.

So yes, the weather this week has been tragic. But, we can all take comfort in knowing we’ll all be miserable for a little while yet.

Fail: Finals devilishly loom in distance

Final exams have a way of haunting every student’s dreams like an impending firestorm from the molten pits of Hell.

Sure, finals are still two and a half weeks away. But notice how your professors hint at them with subtle smirks, realizing the fear they’re instilling in you.

I’ve been at NIU for almost four years. I’m still not convinced professors don’t find sadistic pleasure in final exams.