Top 5: Spend tax return wisely, but indulge a bit

By Anthony Szudarski

With the deadline for filing your taxes having passed, it’s time to look to the future. With that comes return checks. Here are my top five things to spend your tax return money on.

No. 5: Rent

As much as we all love having new toys and a good time, you need to have a place to live. I enjoy splurging on books or video games, but you need a place to store them.

So while this might not be one of the more fun suggestions, I can safely say I’d like to have an apartment to go to after a long day of shenanigans.

No. 4: Gizmos and gadgets

If you’re anything like me you’ve been putting off upgrading your phone to the smart variety and getting a new computer or even a new blender for margarita Mondays.

While normally I’d look at such things as a luxury, these types of items can be a nice treat for yourself after putting in hard work throughout the year. And let’s face it, you would get a lot of use out of any of those suggestions — mostly that blender.

“If I didn’t spend [my tax return] on rent, I’d probably buy a new TV,” said Shannon Carlson, sophomore pre-physical therapy major.

Not a bad idea in my book.

No. 3: Guilty pleasures

When given the opportunity — after rent is paid for the month — who doesn’t want to dive into their somewhat secretive enjoyments?

I spent my return on a PlayStation 4 and a few games, but whether you like video games, fine food or the latest best-selling novel, using your tax return to indulge a little in what you enjoy wouldn’t be a bad idea.

You worked for the money you’re getting back, so why not treat yourself?

No. 2: Car

A car is practical and enjoyable.

I’m sure most people aren’t able to afford a new or used car with only their tax return, but it could definitely help you start or finish on a car fund. Maybe that car will lead to work opportunities, too.

“I’m planning on using my return to pay for a new car at the end of the summer,” said Kenneth Barnett, sophomore pre-physical therapy major.

No. 1: Vacation

My final suggestion is one I wish I would have done in hindsight.

Whether it’s something as simple as a weekend getaway or a trip across the country, a nice vacation is something everyone deserves after a long year of work. Grab some friends, family or your significant other and get away for a few days.

Let’s face it: You’ve got to enjoy the time you have before putting your nose back to the grindstone.