Superhero films save viewers

By Pat Quinn

Marvel will provide the highlight of May’s movies.

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2”

This weekend starts off with “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.” Peter Parker is back in the suit and is going up against one of his greatest foes, Electro.

Rumor says the film isn’t very good, but anticipation for the movie should be enough to put people in the theater. Andrew Garfield has been able to capture the true essence of Spider-Man. Regardless of how poorly this film does, it’ll still be better than the Tobey Maguire series.

Emma Stone returns as Peter Parker’s first love, Gwen Stacy. Things are about to get crazy with Gwen.

“X-Men: Days of Future Past”

The X-Men will return with “X-Men: Days of Future Past.” The future holds nothing but death and chaos as it is overrun by the Mutant Control Agency and Sentinel robots.

The film stars the cast from the first “X-Men” movies and collides with the new cast from “X-Men: First Class.” Professor Charles Xavier, Patrick Stewart, sends Wolverine, still played by Hugh Jackman, into the past to meet up with the old team led by James McAvoy as young Professor Xavier. It is up to the past X-Men to prevent the catastrophic events in the future.

The X-Men film ride has been up and down. The series started strong with its first two films and then fell dramatically with the unsuccessful “X-Men: The Last Stand,” the third installment in the saga. Producers proceeded to make the even more disappointing “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and the “The Wolverine,” which was released this summer; however, fans fell in love with “X-Men: First Class.”

The story comes from one of the greatest writers of comic books of all time: Chris Claremont. Claremont wrote the Uncanny X-Men series for 17 years. During this time, he co-created many characters, like Rogue, Gambit and Mystique. Claremont also helped create Phoenix, which is a spirit that possesses Jean Grey during the “The Dark Phoenix Saga.”

It is always recommended to read the book before seeing the movie, but not everyone does; however, audiences should be aware from what the story originates. Due to its famous characters and story, explosive action and renowned cast, fans should look for “X-Men: Days of Future Past” May 23.