Race to Replace Lynch

Quarterback Jordan Lynch scans and prepares to launch the ball downfield during Saturday’s game against Central Michigan.

By Frank Gogola

Football is searching for former quarterback Jordan Lynch’s successor, but it’s a search that likely won’t come to a close until the temperatures soar into the triple digits.

Among the candidates to replace Lynch are redshirt junior Matt McIntosh and sophomore redshirts Drew Hare and Anthony Maddie.

“I think it’ll play itself out as we get into fall camp,” said Bob Cole, offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. “I don’t think anything will happen before spring ball is over as far as the starter goes.”

Behind Lynch in 2013, McIntosh completed both his pass attempts for a total of 54 yards and two touchdowns, and Hare connected on five of his nine pass attempts for 153 yards and two touchdowns. Maddie sat out last season after transferring from Western Michigan University.

Head coach Rod Carey said McIntosh, Hare and Maddie have been getting equal reps with the first- and second-team offenses throughout spring practice.

“We evaluate it nonstop,” Carey said. “Really, to be honest with you, they’ve all improved. Has somebody separated themselves? No.”

With the Huskies Bowl 10 days away, Cole said all three quarterbacks have impressed him so far.

“They kind of take turns by days,” Cole said. “One guy will have a good day one day. One guy will have a good day the next day. So, it’s a pretty good battle right now. No one’s really just taken off and is head and shoulders above the other two.”

Having evaluated the players, Cole said they share abilities.

“They all throw the ball well,” Cole said. “They’re all good runners. They’re not bad at anything. It’s just a matter of trying to be more accurate when we’re throwing the football.

“We’re trying to be 100 percent in the run-read, so that’s what we’re working on right now.”

Aside from play on the field, the coaching staff is taking into consideration who best lead the team and represent the university.

“The QB’s the one that drives the ship,” Carey said. “He’s the one that does it all. You have to have a guy who understands the game [and] loves playing, who’s competitive, who loves his teammates [and] cares about his teammates, and a guy off the field who represents this place the right way and in school who represents himself the right way.”