DeKalb PD report: Sex offenses fall, meth offenses up


A DeKalb Police patrol car is parked near the 7-Eleven at the corner of Hillcrest Street and Annie Glidden Road in January. This is just one of the streets in the area that has been watched by the Police Department to reduce crime.

By Keisha Howerth

According to the DeKalb Police Department’s Annual Report, from 2012 to 2013, some major crimes have decreased.

Sex offenses decreased by 24 percent, with 41 cases in 2013 and 54 in 2012. Burglary decreased by 11 percent, with 191 cases in 2013 and 215 in 2012. Theft decreased by 5 percent, with 1,022 cases in 2013 and 1,081 in 2012.

Cmdr. Jason Leverton said he attributes DeKalb’s crime reduction to the department’s proactive programs and patrols.

“The Targeted Response Unit is very responsive to calls,” Leverton said. “They deal more with the gang, drug and street-related crimes.”

Leverton said the addition of the Crime Free Housing Unit last year helped in lowering the 2013 crime rates.

“The densely populated areas have the most crime,” Leverton said. “The department is putting more attention on where more crime has occurred.”

Though some crime rates have decreased from 2012 to 2013, the number of criminal sexual assault offenses has remained stagnant since 2011 at 48 per year. Leverton said the rate of criminal sexual assault offenses is typical.

“The number usually stays rather constant,” Leverton said. “In some cases, the rate of violent sexual assault will decrease but instances with child pornography will increase.”

Other crimes increased in number, according to the report. Aggravated battery/assault saw a 7 percent increase from 137 in 2012 to 147 in 2013. Methamphetamine offenses had a 150 percent increase from two in 2012 to five in 2013, and controlled substance act offenses saw a 67 percent increase from 72 in 2012 to 120 in 2013.

Leverton said the department hopes to continue reducing the number of crimes in DeKalb with the assistance of additional resources. This year, the Police Department will be able to add three patrol officers.

“We’ll continue to include NIU police as a partner,” Leverton said.

Leverton said students should conduct themselves in the safest way possible, and he encourages them and other residents to call in to the police department.

“I notice more cop cars driving around,” said senior biology major Jamie Masalinto. “Being from Chicago, I feel a lot safer in DeKalb.”