Pass/Fail: 2 Chainz concert proves Sunday performances fail, NIU expecting enrollment drop of 800 students

By Danny Cozzi

Pass: 2 Chainz concert proves Sunday performances fail

If we need indisputable evidence NIU should rethink how it books performances, 2 Chainz’s flop on Sunday is it.

I’m not suggesting it was good for students to see a lame show. Well, actually, maybe I am. After all, sometimes it takes a big failure to force you to reflect on your mistakes.

Maybe now we can have a real conversation about what kind of musicians and performers NIU should seek out.

Here’s a good rule of thumb: If you can’t book them on a weekend night, don’t book them at all.

Students deserve to attend shows that don’t interfere with school nights when they should be studying.

Fail: NIU expecting enrollment drop of 800 students

NIU’s trouble with enrollment won’t let up, evidently.

The solution to consistently decreasing enrollment is about as simple as finding free, renewable energy for all the world. I don’t think it’s a one-sided issue, either.

I enjoy complaining about the administration not taking the right steps to help enrollment, but students don’t realize it’s easy for them to leave a college if they’re not really a part of it.

Had I never gotten involved with anything on campus, I wouldn’t have much of a connection here, either. I think it’s time students who are here start picking up the slack, too. Get involved in things you enjoy.

If a club for your interests doesn’t exist, create one. If all goes well, more students will find it and develop a bond here.