Weekly Gripe: About time for bus workshop

Danny Cozzi

I’m going to be honest: As much as I love the way the bus system has changed over the year, I hate the way the bus system has changed over the year.

I’m still never really sure when my bus will round the corner to the stop I meticulously plan to be at exactly two minutes before it’s supposed to arrive.

If anyone else reading this rides the 5, you know it’s scheduled to leave the Holmes Student Center roughly every 10 minutes on the nose, depending on the day.

But sometimes, an 8:30 a.m. bus will leave at 8:28 a.m. Trust me, that makes all the difference to someone who schedules his morning routine to the millisecond.

“Danny, you should stop complaining about such trivial things,” you might (should) say.

And I agree: I’ll stop complaining when every single bus is at my stop on the corner of Varsity Boulevard and Regent Drive exactly four minutes after it leaves Holmes. Not three minutes. Not five minutes. Four minutes.

So, to make my outrageously obnoxious dreams a reality, I propose every cent of student fees goes to the bus system from now on.

Forget any technology fees for our students to have access to computer labs and printers.

As for an athletic fee, cut that and let those “healthy” people walk to class. Get off my buses.

I’m only kidding. Let’s be real: The fact the Student Association is willing to take student suggestions for a massively complex campus transit system is commendable.

But, as good as we have it, I won’t stop complaining until I’m on my bus every morning at 8:34 a.m.