DeKalb website design wins Sunshine Award

By Alissa Jacob

The DeKalb County government has been awarded the Sunshine Award from the Illinois Policy Institute.

Stephen Reid, DeKalb County Board member, said the award is given for DeKalb’s “transparancy, openness and governemnt.”

Websites received the award by receiving a rank of 80 percent or higher. DeKalb obtained an 82 percent. The government qualifies if it publicizes elected officials and senior administrators, show how the taxpayers’ money is being used, uses transparency to ensure no governments corruption is happening, exposes corruption and educates the citizens about the local government’s managing process.

DeKalb County is one of 62 government agencies in Illinois to receive the Sunshine Award.

Reid said DeKalb County was awarded for its website because it is easily accessible and public meetings are recorded and put on the website for citizens to see.

“It is certainly a positive thing. Last year we got slammed. This year we are doing a good job; it is well-managed and more open to the public,” Reid said.

Anthony Cvek, DeKalb County Board member, said the award proves the county is progressing in transparency.

“It shows that we are measuring up on par or above average compared to surrounding communities,” Cvek said.

Ruth Anne Tobias, DeKalb County board member, said the award goes to the government that posts information about finances mainly for the public to see. That shows how the government is spending taxpayer money by giving a record of what is spent and on what.

“I think it is an important feature of local government and people to have access to where their money is spent,” Tobias said. “Not many citizens know what we are responsible for and now their website tells how many departments we have and a summary of our budget.”