115 judges teach law to high school students

By Alissa Jacob

Circuit Judge Robbin Stuckert brought courtrooms to the classroom by giving high school students a better understanding of the importance of civics through a presentation and discussion.

Stuckert is one of 115 judges in Illinois who has been trained to execute a presentation on the three branches of government and federal and state courts. The judges then engage students in a discussion on a U.S. Supreme Court case.

Stuckert visited Kishwaukee Education Consortium, 21255 Malta Road in Malta, and Indian Creek High School, 506 South Shabbona Road in Shabbona. The program presented to Indian Creek High School focused on the Fourth Amendment, which protects people from unreasonable searches and seizures.

Stuckert said the judiciary would welcome the opportunity to present this program with other high schools in the DeKalb area.

Stuckert said Indian Creek High School students were responsive to the in-depth discussion about student rights within the school setting.

“I think it’s a great opportunity. It is important to actively engage them in case material,” Stuckert said. “It opens the eyes of the students to the important role courts play in our society.”

Joseph Malm, who teaches geography, modern America and U.S. government at Indian Creek High School, was at the presentation. His presentation prepared students for life beyond high school.

“It was a wonderful program; I think she did a great job. She personalized the information for the students,” Malm said. “The students learned something they previously had not thought of in regards to search and seizure.”

Sarah Montgomery, Indian Creek High School principal, said the students responded well to the program and were engaged in the discussion of the Fourth Amendment’s search and seizure procedures since they were relevant to their age level and area of interest.

“I thought it was a really neat program for students to learn in depth about the rights, freedom and protection they have,” Montgomery said.