Pass/Fail: Stress-free zones, study hours make finals easier, Rent, buy books online; don’t settle for buyback

Kim Randall

See what passes and what fails as judged by columnist Kim Randall.

Pass: Stress-free zones, study hours make finals easier

More-stress free zones are opening, or have already opened, for finals week. What a relief.

Stress-free zones are a great way to get students serious about finals without stressing them out.

For one, students will get to study in the Holmes Student Center, since it will be open 24 hours a day from now through May 8. Holmes makes for a great spot to study, especially if you’re like me and abhor going to the library. Yes, I am an English major; so, what?

If you aren’t already sold, the free cookies and coffee offered from midnight until 7 a.m. are definitely an added bonus for studying in Holmes.

Health Enhancement offers other stress-free zones that include massages, therapy dogs, coloring, card and board games and Play-Doh.

It’s great to see the options for stress-relief tactics and studying options be expanded.

Take advantage of these programs for finals; they’re here for you.

Fail: Rent, buy books online; don’t settle for buyback

I caught myself selling a book back to the university bookstore this week.

You’re probably reading this and wondering, “Why on Earth would she do that?” I can tell you I vowed to never endure this process again, yet I did it anyway. I ended up in line at the bookstore awaiting my “return.” I had no other option.

Each semester, I find other options for getting books for class, but this semester one of my English classes was a hassle. Online, the book for the class was the same price as at the bookstore.

I paid about $80 for this book and received $32 back for it. Imagine the fury that rose in me upon hearing that offer. There should be a note on your receipt telling you this so you don’t buy it.

Book buyback is a ripoff, and if it won’t improve then I just don’t see any purpose for it existing. I suggest students stick to ordering textbooks online and/or renting their books to avoid a headache.