Three DeKalb businesses offer book buybacks

By Juliana Leprich

Students who want to get cash back for their textbooks have a number of places where they can do so.

The NIU bookstore in the Holmes Student Center has a buyback event going on. Though the bookstore buys books back year round, is it offering more incentives at this time.

University Bookstore manager Don Turk said a company comes in the last two weeks of school to participate in the buyback.

“Anytime in the next two weeks is your best shot at getting the most money for your books,” Turk said.

Turk said the University Bookstore works with the Missouri Book System and Nebraska Book Company during the final two weeks of school. The bookstore gets a commission on the books, which they buy directly from students for the national wholesale price. Turk said this generates more revenue for the bookstore, as opposed to buying the books back and trying to resell them to a company. These companies may offer more money for books than the bookstore itself would during normal buyback, which occurs year round.

Students should make sure to bring an ID when they go to buyback at the NIU Bookstore.

The University Bookstore requires students to show an ID when selling books back, Turk said.

Another option for students is the Village Commons Bookstore (VCB), 901 Lucinda Ave. The VCB accepts books year round and also requires a student to show ID. VCB and the University Bookstore work in a similar way to try and catch people attempting to sell back stolen books.

“If a student were to report to us that a book was stolen and we identified that book, we would call the police,” said VCB general manager Jody Boardman.

Turk said the NIU bookstore does the same thing.

A third option students can choose for book buyback is Copy Service Inc., 1005 W. Lincoln Highway. Copy Service Inc. does buyback year round, but plans to set up a remote booth next week on Lucinda between the Holmes Student Center and the Star Apartments Office. The booth will be set up for students who can’t make it into the store, said David Baker, Copy Service Inc. manager.