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Apology: Columnist confirmed to have fabricated quotation

By Northern Star Editorial Board | August 26, 2014

On Tuesday, columnist Kim Randall confirmed she had fabricated a quotation attributed to a student in a Sept. 24 column, “Read, reread leases before signing them.”The Northern Star strives for accuracy and treats fabrication as a serious offense....

Pass/Fail: Stress-free zones, study hours make finals easier, Rent, buy books online; don’t settle for buyback

By Kim Randall | April 30, 2014

See what passes and what fails as judged by columnist Kim Randall.Pass: Stress-free zones, study hours make finals easierMore-stress free zones are opening, or have already opened, for finals week. What a relief.Stress-free zones are a great way to get...

InFocus: What are you most excited about for summer break?

By Perspective Staff | April 29, 2014

See what the Perspective Staff has to say about summer plans.Jeremiah CaterinaAlthough my break is shortened due to summer classes, I plan to pack my free time with fun.First, I look forward to restarting my favorite hobby. I love power-lifting, a strength...

Pass/Fail: Safe Passage expansion, anti-smoking bill

By Kim Randall | April 27, 2014

Safe Passage looks to expand, increase community safetySafety is a key concern when it comes to students, and expanding Safe Passage is a great way to address that concern.Mary Ellen Schaid, executive director for Safe Passage, is looking to expand the...

Increase bus route funding

By Kim Randall | April 23, 2014

Many students rely on the Huskie Bus system to get around campus and DeKalb. That should be well-reflected in every bus route schedule.Over the past few years, the bus system has seen quite a few changes. Just last semester, many of the bus routes were...

InFocus: What’s stressing you out about this semester’s last few weeks?

By Perspective Staff | April 21, 2014

Jeremiah CaterinaManaging my time effectively becomes more stressful with finals looming.My wife tells me I am a masochist. After all, she says, who else would think working two jobs and commuting an hour to school five times a week while taking 17 credit...

Pass/Fail: NIU Plus has strong plans, Insurance fee hike not OK

By Kim Randall | April 20, 2014

Pass: NIU Plus has strong plansThe blueprint for the NIU Plus general education changes is a collection of ideas that need to be put into place soon.NIU has been undergoing a lot of changes to increase student retention and enrollment, improve student...

Mentor program should expand alumni outreach

By Kim Randall | April 9, 2014

College is supposed to prepare students for the real world, and large-scale networking opportunities can best give them that opportunity.NIU has been making progress with its initiatives to provide students with internships and mentoring programs. While...

InFocus: What should replace Lincoln?

InFocus: What should replace Lincoln?

By Perspective Staff | April 8, 2014

The Northern Star Perspective staff tackles what should be put in place of Lincoln Hall.Jeremiah CaterinaWhy settle for only one use for the area Lincoln Hall occupies?Cut the lot in half between Lincoln Drive and Lucinda Avenue and address two things...

Late Night Ride needs fix

By Kim Randall | April 3, 2014

There is a lot of work to be done in order to make Late Night Ride become the system it can and should be: fast, smooth and painless.A March 24 NIU Today release said the Student Association and the Department of Police and Public Safety released a survey...

Make best of advisers who want to help

By Kim Randall | March 30, 2014

This week begins some students’ last-minute scramble to meet with academic advisers for fall registration.Making advising appointments is important, but making sure you are getting the most out of your appointment is even more critical.“Advisers are...

Issues in Focus: What should NIU change first?

By Perspective Staff | March 19, 2014

Kim RandallAdding major-specific courses to NIU’s general education is key to enhancing the university’s curriculum and benefiting students.This change could make students more engrossed in their studies, boost grades and even increase participation...