InFocus: What are you most excited about for summer break?

By Perspective Staff

See what the Perspective Staff has to say about summer plans.

Jeremiah Caterina

Although my break is shortened due to summer classes, I plan to pack my free time with fun.

First, I look forward to restarting my favorite hobby. I love power-lifting, a strength sport where the goal is maximizing the amount of weight one can squat, bench and dead-lift. I plan on spending a good chunk of my summer in the gym getting stronger.

I’m also planning on trying a new hobby. I received a home beer-brewing kit for Christmas of 2013 and I am looking forward to making my first batch. Nothing screams summer to me like sipping on a cold one while barbecuing some burgers.

Finally, I also have plans to take a road trip to Washington, D.C., and I’m bringing my dog with me.

Driving for 12 hours with a dog may not sound like a lot of fun to most, but I am excited to visit our nation’s capital for the first time and soak up some American history.

Kim Randall

Aside from my excitement of finally turning 21 in May, I’m ready to enjoy my summer in the best ways possible.

First, I plan to catch up on much-needed sleep, as always.

This semester has drained me time and time again, so now I just need time to recharge before I do anything.

I’m also looking forward to hanging out with my friends and embarking on random adventures over break. Summer isn’t summer without spontaneity. Barbecues, shopping, trips, parties — the sky is the limit.

Last, but most importantly, I plan to work enough over break to save up money for future costs that will come up in my last year of college. I’ll need enough to last me just two more semesters.

This summer will be both business and pleasure for me.

But either way, I plan to make the best of my last “carefree” summer before I have to give it up for real life. Game on.

Blake Glosson

The thing that tickles me the most about summer is summer school.

Ever since classes started for the year in August, I’ve been patiently enduring my fall and spring semesters in euphoric anticipation of the pleasure I will derive from my classes during summer.

Something about immersing myself in textbooks while my friends immerse themselves in swimming pools and sun rays brings me rushing waves of delectation. My desire to gaze upon equations, key terms, charts and tables can be compared to the yearning of a cat for fresh nip.

I long for the exhilaration of conquering homework assignments like a marathon runner thirsts for water after completing 26.2 miles of unhindered exercise.

I would give eye teeth for projects, deadlines and busywork. My palms sweat and my heart leaps when I imagine it.

I shall not be parted with school this summer; nay, I will mingle with it in joyous intimacy.