InFocus: What’s stressing you out about this semester’s last few weeks?

Perspective Staff

Jeremiah Caterina

Managing my time effectively becomes more stressful with finals looming.

My wife tells me I am a masochist. After all, she says, who else would think working two jobs and commuting an hour to school five times a week while taking 17 credit hours sounds like a good idea?

Oh yeah, you can top that off with trying to raise a 15-month-old daughter.

Needless to say, I may have overextended myself just a little bit this semester.

I see a week of sleepless nights ahead as I prepare for the final stretch of this semester hoping to find time to complete all my assignments.

Blake Glosson

As the semester draws to a close, I have a lot on my plate with assignments, finals and work.

But I have learned from previous semesters: Allowing stress to get the best of me is only going to hurt my performance.

This is why these last few weeks I make sure my priorities are in the right place: I don’t neglect exercise, sleep or healthy eating habits during hectic times, as these all help alleviate stress.

I motivate myself by realizing this is just a short period of life. I will be able to relax more during the summer if I make the most of the last part of the school year by using time wisely.

As long as I study hard now, it’ll all pay off in a few weeks.

Anthony Szudarski

When the semester comes to an end, one question makes me sweat: Am I on the right track?

We all want to do well in our classes, but if worst comes to worst we can take a course again.

What makes me stress out is signing up for the classes for next semester and making sure they are courses I need.

I’ve spent quite a few hours in the past week trying to make sure I’m still on track to graduate relatively soon. I have no desire to take a course I’m going to hate if I don’t have to.

Finals are coming up, and that takes a toll, but the rest of my life is coming up, too. You better believe that’s on my mind more than any test.

Kim Randall

At the end of each semester, I’m typically experiencing a whirlwind of emotions.

They range from wanting the semester to just end, “senioritis,” to all of my professors piling on loads of work out of nowhere. It’s enough to make me want to hide under my covers and never want to come out.

But, knowing there is less than a month left and summer break is right around the corner — if we ever officially get spring first — I rejoice in the fact I shall soon be free.

This is exactly why I begin completing assignments due around finals now rather than later so I won’t stress myself out. I also try to study material I find most challenging for finals. These things keep me as sane as possible until it’s all finally over.