Next gen. employees show skills


Senior marketing major Laine Smid (left) and sophomore accountancy major Chloe Pooler (right) converse with Rok Teasley of the Peace Corps Monday at Careers for a CAUSE. The Peace Corps was one of several organizations and businesses that attended Careers for a CAUSE at the Barsema Alumni & Visitor’s Center. The event encouraged students to attend so they could network with companies and executives.

By Colin Finnegan

Students met with social entrepreneurs and executives during Careers for a CAUSE Monday night.

The event was co-hosted by the Center for Social Entrepreneurship and the Center for NGO Leadership and Development. The event was 5 to 7 p.m. in the Barsema Alumni & Visitors Center.

Companies that attended the seminar included City Year, Northern Illinois Food Bank, the Salvation Army and others.

The event was held to expose students to companies and job possibilities relevant to their interests and majors.

Management assistant professor Christine Mooney is one of the employees who works closely with the Collegiate Association of Unreasonable Social Entrepreneurs. She said students could benefit by having the opportunity to meet with employers.

“The event was to encourage social entrepreneurship and allow students to see their options by interacting with a wide range of companies,” Mooney said.

The companies also had a chance to meet the next generation of employees interested in the social field that could help their company progress.

Zach Fiegel, senior marketing major and CAUSE president, said the event can benefit students by having a chance to meet with potential future employers.

“The main purpose of the event is to expose students to career opportunities that have a positive social impact,” Fiegel said.

Careers for a CAUSE was not necessarily a job fair, but more of a meet and greet. The students had an opportunity to ask questions of entrepreneurs. After questions were fielded, the students interacted with employers on a more personal level over refreshments.

Freshman accounting major Jeff Milas said the event could help with connections and knowing what options could be available.

“I’m excited for the networking opportunity,” Milas said.

Editor’s Note: The Northern Star did not attend Careers for a CAUSE and gathered information prior to the event.