Bringing games to life with live-action series

By Josh Alfrey

Video entertainment network Machinima released its first trailer Friday for a live action web-series, in which actors star as video game characters based on the popular fighting game “Street Fighter.” While Ryu might Hadouken his way to being a kick-ass Internet star, here are a couple of games I would love to see have their story told in live action.

“Assassin’s Creed”

The “Assassin’s Creed series teased gamers with the idea of a web-series in 2009 with its short film “Lineage.” If developers went all the way with a high-budget series, I could imagine countless fans giving a leap of faith in support.

An order of assassins has existed throughout history, and exploring their impacts on society throughout time would be a fascinating story. The best format for a series like this would be an anthology. Instead of telling the stories of a singular character, why not take the audience through different time periods to watch assassin’s stories unfold? From the Wild West of early America to modern day Japan, an “Assassin’s Creed” web-series would be limitless.

“Tomb Raider”

After game developers Crystal Dynamics’ success of “Tomb Raider,” I know I want to hear more about Lara Croft. Her story is made to be told in an episodic format. As she adventures through ancient ruins that never seem to end, I want her story to continue and her character to have even more development.

Exploring and uncovering lost secrets of the ancient world would be incredible to see portrayed by actors. Many young gamers have missed out on the adventures of Lara Croft and should be introduced to the depth and drive of this determined character.

“Tomb Raider” has already begun its expansion from the video game format with Gail Simone’s comic book series “Tomb Raider.” Lara Croft should come to life, and a web-series would be more than welcome.