‘Maybe Someday’ lures readers in with cheating, love, music


Sydney discovers her boyfriend is cheating on her with her roommate and moves in with Ridge Lawson. 

By Deanna Frances

Author Colleen Hoover’s contemporary romance “Maybe Someday,” released March 18, captivates readers from cover to cover.

When 22-year-old music major Sydney Blake discovers her boyfriend of two years has been cheating on her with her roommate, Sydney becomes homeless and isolated. Not long after, Sydney’s friendly, attractive and musical neighbor, Ridge Lawson, finds her standing in the rain. Ridge offers Sydney an extra bedroom in his apartment, and she is thrown into a home full of secrets.

Although this is a story most cannot relate to, Hoover accurately illustrates love, stress and hardships in one’s early 20s. Her ability to create a unique friendship between Ridge and Sydney makes “Maybe Someday” difficult to put down. Like many fictional romances, the story begins innocently and grows into an love triangle between Sydney, Ridge and Ridge’s girlfriend.

Not long after Sydney moves in, Ridge asks her to help him write music for his brother’s band. The two attempt to write music, and Sydney discovers Ridge’s big secret, which makes his love for music attractive to Sydney.

Although love triangles aren’t an original concept, Hoover still manages to break away from the typical romance. The characters have a sense of maturity, particularly Sydney as the reader can sympathize with her emotions.

I found myself entranced in “Maybe Someday.” Hoover’s vivid detail descriptions and page-turning plot make readers feel they are a part of this fictional world. She creates an interesting romantic distance between Ridge and Sydney which makes their romance enduring. Ridge’s secret adds a unique tension and curiosity to the friendship.

Hoover did an amazing job creating and developing this college friendship and romance. The novel kept me intrigued for hours on end, and I never wanted to put it down. Fans of young and new adult romances will love “Maybe Someday.”