County clerk hopefuls compete in primaries

By Colin Finnegan

Two locals are facing off in Democratic County Clerk primary while the Repulican candidate goes unopposed.

The primary for the Democratic spot will take place March 18, and it pits Trent Taylor and Denise Ii against each other. Early voting for county clerk has already begun.

Douglas Johnson, who holds the position, is the Republican candidate for the county clerk and recorder spot.

The County Clerk is elected by residents of DeKalb County, and the tasks include issuing county licenses, maintaining records and statistics and running county elections.

Taylor is a DeKalb resident and works at Fox Title, 3248 Sycamore Road. Taylor said he has experience in clerical-type offices in Arizona, Missouri and Kansas.

“I work well with technology, but for those people who like to interact in person, they can come in any time,” Taylor said.

Taylor promises faster election results and said he will provide energy, enthusiasm and experience to the position through hard work and spending many hours at the office.

The other candidate is Ii, who works as the Sandwich city clerk. Ii was elected city clerk in 2009. Ii said her experience is her biggest asset.

“Much of the county clerk job tasks are the same, except on a grander scale,” Ii said. “There would be a seamless transition without the interruption of learning the job.”

Ii said she welcomes and encourages public input on how to make the office and the election process better.